Key PointsThe gas gauge in the 2003-2007 Trailblazer is woefully inaccurate.Not correctly knowing exactly how much gas is left in the tank have the right to leave chauffeurs stranded.A 2011 investigation by the federal government didn"t bring about a recall

One the the an ext infamously difficulties with GM vehicles is a faulty fuel gauge that often leaves owner wondering just just how much gas is left in their tank. Whether the gauge reads empty after a fill-up, or full while the vehicle is actually running on fumes, there"s one thing for certain: the darn thing is simply wrong. The trouble affects end 30 GM models, yet in certain these vehicles have actually the highest possible incidence rate:

Two possible Problems because that the Price that One ∞

There"s two feasible fail points because that this fuel gauge problem, due to the fact that come top top -- you knew the couldn"t be simple. The trick is finding out which difficulty is plaguing your automobile (if not both ... Lucky you).

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Instrument cluster Failure ∞

A usual problem with numerous GM vehicles is to have actually a faulty intrument cluster. This is particularly true in higher mileage vehicles. The problem is because of defective drive electric motors that fizzle the end on the circuit board over time.

Because this is for this reason widespread, repairs are sometimes covered under vouch if your vehicle has under 70k miles and you"re really an excellent at jumping through hoops. Friend know, choose circus-good.

If your car is having actually this problem, it"s most likely that more than one gauge is failing. Therefore if your fuel gauge is broken, check to watch if any kind of of the various other gauges -- choose the speedometer and also engine temp analysis -- space acting up.

Fuel Level Sensor failure ∞

Each fuel tank is equipped through a level sensor the bathes in all that glorious ethanol and also monitors the quantity of fuel left in the tank. Most fuel sensors don"t choose an north swimming pool so when the fuel level gets also low lock send friend a signal to fill "er up. Unless, the course, the sensor is defective which appears to it is in the situation in many GM vehicles.

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The fuel level sensor in these cars room defective. If you have a high-mileage car some sat it"s best just to change the entire fuel pump assembly.

A government Investigation ∞

In might 2011, NHTSA<1> opened up an investigation<2> into the 2005-07 Trailblazer and the GMC Envoy, Buick Rainier and Saab 9-7X. The examination looked into "defective fuel gauges that provide innaccurate fuel level readings."

“Of the 668 complaints, 58 incidents were alleged to result in a automobile stall,” claimed the national Highway website traffic Safety management in that defect investigations summary. “Of the 58 stalling incidents, 43 complaints reported stalling since the fuel level analysis indicated an ext fuel ease of access than what is in reality in the fuel tank.”“One complain alleged a vehicle crash after the vehicle stalled while exiting the interstate, became disabled and was struck from behind.”

The investigation didn"t amount come a recall, i beg your pardon is odd. NHTSA only problems recalls in the occasion of a security defect and stalling the end in the center of the highway since your fuel gauge is damaged seems like a safety issue to me. Unless I misunderstand what safety means? Let"s check: