Just replaced a camshaft position sensor top top 2005 KIA Sedona now engine desires to fire however will not start. Any type of ideas?

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correctly ran simply fine. Inspect engine light came on last weekend. Had it scanned and also was provided code P0342. Changed cps today and now will certainly not start.

Rechecked work, rechecked codes now gain P0343 (high Input) car still won"t start. Replaced sensor v old and same worry no start.
What you have for codes is an OBDII codes whereby KIA does no supply a thorough diagnose i imply a scanner if possible codes you have its all indicate to a wiring issue inspect connector plug and pins if pushed out The SAE definitions are together follows:P0342: Camshaft position sensor "A" circuit low, bank 1 or single sensorPO343. Camshaft position sensor A, bank 1 - high inputDTC P0102, fixed AIR flow SENSOR LOW/HIGHProbable cause. Wiring quick to optimistic
I had actually this problem and found the wiring connector had actually a damaged wire I had to get a brand-new pigtail for it. FYI
I have actually code P0340 on my Van. The engine light is on 50%-70% of the time and also the car runs fine but has hesitated to start 3 time in the last couple weeks.The definition that (2) error reads have actually the following:1. Open or brief circuit condition2. Negative electrical connection3. Faulty CMP sensor4. Engine mechanically fault(highly doubt this through the way it has been running)-Is this under guarantee or am I much better off make the efforts to solve the problem myself.-If no one knows if it"s not under warranty, wherein is the camshaft position sensor located?Please help, it"s 3:00 pm Friday and also I have an appointment at the dealer Saturday morning at 8:00 am!Thank you in advance!
Hello and thanks because that the donation!Your vehicle"s Camshaft place Sensor is situated at the former of the engine (pictured below). You may want to contact your local dealer come inquire around the warranty information for this repair prior to letting them perform the work. The many likely cause for this trouble code is undoubtedly a faulty camshaft position sensor.


just to clarify, we have actually the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. We called and also the dealer claimed they would have to charge united state for the consultation if the problem is not covered under warranty.Thank you an extremely much because that the rapid reply!
I gained the dreaded CEL, and also took it come the dealership who hooked that up and stated the code was for a poor Camshaft sensor. My inquiry is how tough is this come replace? The dealership wants approximately $250 to carry out it and was wonder if this is something a non dealership dependable mechanic have the right to replace? additionally where on the engine is this sensor located?
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