Many Ford Explorers and also Mercury Mountaineers were produced with one option well-known as the Ford keyless entrance keypad. Some models refer to it together SecuriCode as well. The is a five-button numeric keypad that is supplied to:

remove fumbling because that your tricks Prevent lockouts administer easy entry come your car

The keyless entry provides a five-digit password to unlock the doors as soon as it is gotten in correctly. The five-digit code deserve to be changed from the default code set at the factory to a user-defined code. The customers can collection it to every little thing sequence they want, providing much better security and a code they will certainly remember.

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It can happen that the password you collection is forgotten, and you are locked the end of your vehicle. The is also a continual occurrence that, as soon as a car has to be sold, the code isn’t given to the new owner. If the default code isn’t top top hand either, it have the right to leave the keyless keypad useless and also increase the opportunity of gift locked the end of her vehicle.

On Ford Explorers and also Mercury Mountaineers, it may be feasible to retrieve the five-digit default code manually with a couple of easy steps.

Method 1 that 5: inspect your documentation

When a Ford explorer or Mercury Mountaineer is sold with the keyless entry keypad, the default code is noted with the manuals and owner’s products on a card. Retrieve your code from the paperwork.

Step 1: look in her owner’s manual. Flip v the pages to discover the card through the code printed on it.

If girlfriend purchased the vehicle second-hand, inspect if the code is created on the inside cover by hand.

Step 2: inspect your map wallet. Look in the map wallet girlfriend were provided from the dealer.

The password card might be loosened in the wallet.

Step 3: inspect your glove box. The code card might be loosened in the glove box, or the code might be composed on a sticker in the gloves box.

Step 4: go into the code. To enter your keyless keypad code:

enter in the five-digit password in order select the associated key to press Press the 3-4 button within five seconds of start your code to unlock her doors Lock her doors by pressing the 7-8 and also 9-10 buttons at the exact same time

Method 2 that 5: locate smart junction crate (SJB) 2006-2010

On Ford Explorers and also Mercury Mountaineers indigenous 2006 until the version year 2010, the default five-digit keypad password is published on the clever junction box (SJB) under the driver’s next of the dash.

Materials Needed

Flashlight screwdriver or little socket set Small winter on an expansion

Step 1: look at your under dash. Open the driver’s door and lay ~ above your earlier in the driver’s footwell area.

it is cramped for an are and friend will acquire dirty if the floor is dirty.

Step 2: Take turn off the under dash cover. Eliminate the under dash cover if there is one in place.

If there is one, you might need a screwdriver or a little socket collection and ratchet to remove it.

Step 3: locate the SJB module. That is a large black box an installed up underneath the dash above the pedals. Over there is a long yellow wiring connector that plugs right into it 4-5 customs in width.

Step 4: find the barcode label. The brand is directly listed below the connector encountering the firewall.

use your flashlight to uncover it under the dash.

Step 5: find the code on the module. Locate the five-digit default keypad code on the module. The is under the barcode and also is the only 5 digit number top top the label.

Use your extendable winter to acquire a see of the backside of the module to check out the label.

When the area is illuminated through the flashlight, you need to easily be able to read the code in the mirror’s reflection.

Step 6: go into the code on the keypad.

Method 3 the 5: locate the laboratory Module

The default keypad code for Explorers and Mountaineer for version years 1999 to 2005 can be discovered on the remote Anti-Theft Personality (RAP) module. There space two feasible locations because that the lab module.

Materials Needed

Flashlight little mirror top top an expansion

Step 1: discover your tire change compartment. On many 1999 come 2005 Explorers and also Mountaineers, you can discover the laboratory module in the compartment where the tire change jack is located.

Step 2: situate the cover for the jack. The cover will certainly be on the driver’s behind in the cargo area.

it is approximately 4 inches tall and 16 inch wide.

Step 3: remove the cover. There are two lever-style connectors that hold the sheathe in place. Background both levers to relax the cover and lift it out of place.

Step 4: discover the laboratory module. The is located just in former of the jack compartment opening, mounted against the side human body panel.

you won’t be able to see the label clearly from this vantage point.

Step 5: read the default keyless code. Light a flashlight as ideal you have the right to on the label, then usage a mirror on an expansion to read the password off the label. It is the just five-digit password on there.

Step 6: install the jack cover. Put the two bottom alignment tabs in place, push the panel right into its location, and also press the 2 levers down to lock it in place.

Step 7: get in the keyless code.

Method 4 the 5: discover the laboratory module ~ above the rear passenger door

Material Needed


Step 1: discover the passenger chair belt panel. Locate the panel whereby the passenger rear seat belt enters the shaft area.

Step 2: Pry the panel loose by hand. There room a few tension clips that host it in place. A firm tug native the top have to pop the dashboard off.

Warning: The plastic deserve to be sharp, for this reason you might want to use gloves to remove trim panels.

Step 3: eliminate the seatbelt retractor panel. Pull the panel spanning the seat belt retractor away. This panel is directly below the one you traction off.

girlfriend don’t have to completely remove this part. The module is right listed below the various other panel girlfriend removed.

Step 4: Look for RAP module. Bright a flashlight behind the panel. Girlfriend will watch a module v a brand on the which is the laboratory module.

Step 5: obtain the five-digit code. Review the five-digit code off the label, then snap every the panels ago in place, lining up the stress clips through their locations in the body.

Step 6: enter the default keypad password in the keypad.

Method 5 the 6: use the MyFord function

Newer Ford Explorers might use a touchscreen display screen system recognized as MyFord Touch. That controls comfort and also convenience systems including SecuriCode.

Step 1: press the "Menu" button. V the ignition on and also the doors closed, push the “Menu” switch at the top of the screen.

Step 2: push the “Vehicle” button. This appears on the left next of the screen.

A food selection comes up that includes the option “Door Keypad Code.”

Step 3: pick “Door Keypad Code” from the alternative list.

Step 4: set your keypad code. Go into the default keypad password from your owner’s manual, then get in your new personalized five-digit keypad entry code.

the is now set.

Method 5 of 5: call your Ford dealership

If no one of the alternatives were effective in retrieving her default keyless keypad code, friend will need to go come the Ford dealer to have actually a technician retrieve the code from the computer. The technician will usage a diagnostic scanner to retrieve the password from the laboratory or SJB module and carry out it come you.

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Typically, dealers fee a fee for retrieving keypad codes for customers. Ask ahead of time what the charge is for the service and be prepared with payment once the procedure has been completed.