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What power steering fluid do I have to purchase? The hands-on says GM power Steering liquid (GM component No. U.S. 89021184) yet I cannot uncover it. Ns even called down to a GM dealership and also they didn"t recognize what i was talking about. Additionally there have actually been world posting that transmission liquid is the very same as power steering liquid which has acquired me additional confused. I assumed transaxle and transmission fluid are the same yet I always thought that strength steering liquid is a various fluid. I referred to as down come an autoparts store and also asked what power steering fluid to purchase and also they claimed I required Dexron yet in the manual it perform Dexron III as the transaxle/transmission fluid. HELP!

Go to your neighborhood auto part store and find a PSF that is compatable through GM vehicles. Most steering fluids are.From personal experience execute not usage Tranny or Brake fluid. Many pre 80 cars can take about anything in the steering fluid resivoir and also had no problem, yet cars after 1980 are way more finicky.
If you can go to the dealer and get you yourself a party of Cold Climate strength Steering Fluid. You can only gain it at the dealer. GM"s have a tendency to whine as soon as at a cold start. Otherwise regular power steering liquid is fine, that you"d get from like pepboys or autozone. However I highly recommend the cold climate fluid if its going to be cold wherein you space this winter.

If you decide to go through the cold climate strength steering liquid the p/n on that is 12345867. The should assist you out.
Will the cold climate PSF work-related in heat climates just as well as the regular stuff will?I live in Florida but if I chose to drive as much as Canada or something, I"d favor to be able to make the pilgrimage without necessarily convert fluids.

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Hum, never ever heard of cold climate power steering fluid,well currently you have me thinking,what dimension container does the come in,is the compatable with constant power steering fluid and what would be the approximate amount the you would need if you drained the ps reservoir and refilled? ed
I confirm 3 local dealers and also no one knew anything around such a product. Then ns called another Chevrolet dealer components dept.and the guy sounded less grumpy climate the first three. I offered him the component # and also he claimed "never heard the the stuff" however GM dealers must have a an approach of searching various other dealers parts inventories,and the guy said, uncovered some at a GM truck dealership. Went down to choose up 2 qts. And used my companies name and got it for $15.00 a qy. What I can tell you so far is that its environment-friendly in color,has a yes, really funny smell and its do in Canada,thats most likely alot an ext than anyone wanted to know around power steering fluid,but over there you have actually it.
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