Speed Sensor instead of Service

How lot does a speed Sensor instead of cost?

On average, the expense for a Hyundai Santa Fe rate Sensor instead of is $192 through $97 because that parts and also $95 because that labor. Prices might vary depending upon your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2012 Hyundai Santa FeV6-3.5LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$369.39Shop/Dealer Price$442.99 - $641.29
2008 Hyundai Santa FeV6-2.7LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$441.77Shop/Dealer Price$538.48 - $806.08
2014 Hyundai Santa FeV6-3.3LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$349.39Shop/Dealer Price$423.01 - $621.32
2006 Hyundai Santa FeV6-2.7LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$289.07Shop/Dealer Price$347.59 - $500.64
2004 Hyundai Santa FeV6-2.7LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$289.07Shop/Dealer Price$347.62 - $500.71
2005 Hyundai Santa FeL4-2.4LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$289.07Shop/Dealer Price$347.61 - $500.68
2009 Hyundai Santa FeV6-3.3LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$446.77Shop/Dealer Price$543.35 - $810.84
2001 Hyundai Santa FeL4-2.4LService typeSpeed Sensor ReplacementEstimate$294.07Shop/Dealer Price$352.84 - $506.10

What is the rate Sensor every about?

Located on the transmission case, in ~ the rear differential assembly or inside the ABS system, the automobile speed sensor reads the speed of the wheel rotation ~ above a vehicle while driving. The sensor likewise helps the car maintain security while control by telling the computer system when to release press to a wheel while utilizing the ABS.

A form of tachometer, the part consists the a toothed ring and pickup. The rate sensor reads the rotational speed of the reluctor wheel, situated within the transmission. Speed sensors in ~ the differential use a create wheel placed in conjunction with the ring equipment to accomplish the same tasks as those perform by the transmission-mounted version.

Keep in mind:

The mechanic will run a diagnostic top top the car to find the exact cause of the problem.

A faulty speed sensor sometimes produces symptoms comparable to a failing transmission.

The mechanic will examine the transmission.

Some vehicles usage the details from the sensor to help determine drive height, a function in more recent vehicles.

The mechanic will check all connections to make sure everything remains linked properly.

How it"s done:

The rate sensor is showed that it demands to be replaced. The automobile is lifted and also supported on jack stands.

The speed sensor is located in the rear axle. The rate sensor is eliminated from the behind axle housing.

The new speed sensor is installed into the axle housing.

The rate sensor connector is connected. The auto is gotten rid of from the jack stands.

The automobile is roadway tested and scanned for ideal operation the the rate sensor.

Our recommendation:

When replacing the car speed sensor, the mechanic will very first run a diagnostic come make certain that the difficulty does no lie v the infection instead.

Replace a faulty rate sensor as quickly as feasible to avoid further damages on her vehicle. The speed sensor also controls the anti-lock braking system. Driving through a bad speed sensor usually reasons the ABS to break down and have the right to lead to loss that braking power and/or one accident. The speed sensor similarly affects the transmission, leading to it to carry out erratically.

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What usual symptoms suggest you might need to change the speed Sensor?

Odometer does no workSpeedometer falls short or performs erraticallyCruise control fails to duty properlyTransmission hesitates to shift gears or move roughly, occasionally revving greater as the driver shifts gearsTransmission jumps gearsVehicle idles incorrectlyVehicle rumblesVehicle all of sudden loses powerFuel performance dropsCheck Engine Light, brake, or anti-lock warning lamps come on

How crucial is this service?

While auto owners can acquire away through not instead of a vehicle speed sensor initially, they have the right to expect the vehicle’s functionality to just worsen end time. Owners want to stop from waiting until the component goes out completely, which might cause an essential vehicle systems, such as the speedometer and also anti-lock brakes, to protect against functioning entirely.