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I speak to Midas about transforming the timing belt on mine Accord. Lock looked it up and also said the it has actually a chain instead, and that I execute not need to change a time chain. Does this it seems to be ~ correct? I would certainly hate to damage an engine due to the fact that of negative Advice indigenous Midas. Thanks
Is there any type of maintenance compelled on a time chain?
So i read and found the answer on belt vs. Chain. Now, perform I still must replace the water pump, and is there anything I must do because that the time chain?Thanks

105,000.I purchase it at 75,000, and also I haven"t really done any type of maintenance to it for this reason I"m spring to capture up and also take a little much better care.

As long as the water pump is quiet and doesn"t leak, don"t worry around it.It"s external. At 110k, it"s due for spark plugs, valve clearance check and also adjust. I"d also do coolant, a t-stat, serpentine belt if it"s still original, and also a PCV valve if it"s no been done.If it"s an auto, and also you"ve not done it, atf x3, the atf filter and also engine air and cabin filters.
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the chain last forever. The tensioner doesn"t 105k have actually you done any significant tune increase service? Valve adjustment? water pump? infection oil change. Incabin filter change. Maybe o2 sensor? i ono

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105,000K Maintenance
I haven"t done any tune up solutions yet, however spark plugs space on your way. The issue that began this maintain inquiry is the my engine malfunction light come on. When I traction the password at Shucks it gave me password P2647, Actuator arm is grounding on bank I. After ~ researching this password it seems like my finest bet is to replace the VTEC oil push switch and solenoid. So, those are likewise on their method in the mail together well. If anyone requirements the component #"s: 37250-PNE-G01 & 15810-RAA-A03 Is the PCV valve something that I deserve to replace myself? Also, I have actually a hands-on transmission, and also I review that the is time to replace the crankcase fluid. Is the the same as transmission fluid? I will certainly look into obtaining the valve clearance inspected & adjusted, and adjust the filters. Thanks for all the good ideas!:thmsup: