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Okay, I"m a little confused here. What form of liquid are girlfriend all putting in your manual trannies? Ford call for part 75w90 or something, and also a many of civilization are placing in the GM synchromesh, i m sorry is a many closer come a 5w30. I bought some Amsoil manual tranny fluid, which is 5w30, which is the Amsoil identical of the GM synchromesh. Whats the real deal?
umm i hope friend arnt putting that right into your MTX focus. The MTX-75 demands automatic tranny fluid. No the oil. And also if you go with synthetic ATF you might get easier shifts, and also it smooths them the end a bit.

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The lubricant to be used in your MTX-75 infection is XT-M5-QS from Ford.Don"t recognize who"s page this is, but it sure helped me when I changed mine: linky Been to run the XT-M5-QS because that 20k miles and also the tranny shifts choose butter in all but the coldest conditions. Just issue, and also I"ve had this from job one, is that when its real cold out it doesn"t like going into 1st when the auto is not moving.
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My 2001 sure as hell didnt have actually ATF in ut originally. I have run Synchromesh since virtually new, however recently switched come BG fully synthetic synchro-shift fluid. Hard to find unless you know a BG distributor in your area.Scott
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well dont recognize what you had actually then my fiances 01 zx3 had ATF (RED), mine 00 ZX3 had ATF (RED), the offered 03 tranny i bought was the hand-operated transmission liquid (A irradiate tan color). Go ask the dealer, the 00-02 specified Mercon V because that its MTX75 then after that visited the full fabricated manual tranny fluid
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well dont know what you had then my fiances 01 zx3 had ATF (RED), mine 00 ZX3 had actually ATF (RED), the supplied 03 tranny ns bought was the manual transmission liquid (A irradiate tan color). Walk ask the dealer, the 00-02 specified Mercon V for its MTX75 climate after that checked out the full man-made manual tranny fluid
That"s really odd. My 2000 ZX3 most certainly had XT-M5-QS in the from the factory. Really distinct odor and color from ATF.I personal wouldn"t put ATF in a focus MTX-75.... Ns tried it, and within 5,000 mile it was shifting poorly. XT-M5-QS brought it back to normal. YMMV.
Yeh, dont understand why. Probably diff fluids because that diff regions (Temp etc). Terry haines recomends artificial ATF or hand-operated Transmission Fluid based upon your areas temp. Ns wil try to uncover the thread.
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well, i went ahead and put the Amsoil hands-on tranny fluid in there anyways. That didn"t look favor ATF comes out, it had to be the Ford stuff. It to be kinda dirty though, and it shifts specifically the exact same as the did prior to the swap. I"ll report ago in a couple of thousand miles...
Specialty Formulations IMO space the best. I would certainly recommend (from experience) MTL-P for warmer climates, SynchroGlide for cooler climates. IMO these are superior to ANYTHING on the market, and also are priced right! very smooth through a firm/crisp feel. That does not even seem like the same tranny. No BS SynchroGlide shifts a tad simpler in cooler weather. SynchroGlide shifts superbly...smooth as melted butter and a an extremely positive/crisp feel. SynchroGlide is closest come the new Ford liquid in feel, however smoother and much more crisp. Night and also day. Again, ns personally like the slightly much more firm/positive/crisp feeling of MTL-P. MTL-P is additionally super smoooooth...They certain use slick ingredient BTW Specialty Formulations makes a product, MTFGLIDE, with the viscosity close come Mercon. The shortest viscosity of their MTL line. I haven"t used it but I imagine it move veerrryyyy easily/smooth even in super cold weather.. Mercon V cSt
100 14.3 (Torco RTF). While the Torco RTF to be very good (much better than ATF, brand-new Ford synthetic, and also Redline), the Specialty Formulations room the best. Again native my very first hand experience, Specialty Formulations MTL-P (warmer climates like So Cal wherein I live) or Specialty Formulations SynchroGlide (cooler climates)is the method too go. Don"t i have dissolved these since you may have actually never heard that the company.