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Does anyone have install pics and also the bolt dimension of the one screw holding the crankshaft position sensor? Any help would be appreciated, but details instruction preferred.Thanks,DJ


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here"s some instruction post on right here awhile back.Listen, this is a very an easy fix for the perform it you yourself guys, an initial buy the new sensor, climate disconnect the old from the bottom of the car, it best behind the oil filter, traction the sensor indigenous the engine block and also let it hang, go to the peak of the engine and also find the other end of the connector, its best at the firewall ~ above back, unplug the connector and also tie a piece of hefty string come it and tie the other end of the string come the finish of the new crank sensor, you"ll desire to tie it to the finish that will get in the block. Go earlier under the bottom the the car and gently traction the old crank sensor out and also then the string should come out along with the new sensor v the exactly routing presto. Then bolt the brand-new sensor right into the block go back up peak plug in the connector and also there is one zip tie near the bottom that youll need to replace. Job complete and also your laughing all the method to the bankI bought and also replaced the crank place sensor. I discovered a dealer that sold me one because that $45. This is not a task for those v arthritis or huge hands! The sensor itself is located simply over the oil filter top top the left behind side the the engine. It is held with one bolt - one 6.5mm bolt. When I discovered a socket of that size, ns realized thatmy brief extension was as well short, and also my long extension was too long. Everything has to be simply the right size in bespeak to obtain the handle of her ratchet wrench in between the oil filter and the exhaust system.Getting the sensor out is only component of the battle. The wire the connects it come the harness snakes behind the engine in what is just a chaos of pipes and also wires.To obtain the wire out, you need to remove the air intake panels and the windshield wiper motor. Removing all this stuff offers you the capacity to view many of the wire"s course - through a mirror. The connector chin is fairly accessible, so ns tied some nylon string about it and pulled ~ above the sensor. With much difficulty, I acquired the cable out and used the nylon cable to pull the brand-new sensor"s wire ago through the mess.