Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment the fuses and also relays Toyota Sequoia (XK60) (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

The fuses are designed to blow prior to the whole wiring harness is damaged. If any type of of the electrical materials do no operate, a fuse may have blown. If this happens, check and also replace the fuses together necessary.

Turn the engine switch turn off (with a smart crucial system – rotate the “ENGINE begin STOP” switch off) and also turn turn off all electrical accessories.Open the fuse crate cover.See diagrams listed below for details about which fuse to check.Remove the fuse.Check if the fuse is swollen – if the thin wire within is broken, the fuse has blown.Replace the puffy fuse with a brand-new fuse of an ideal amperage rating.


Never usage a fuse the a higher amperage rating 보다 that indicated, or use any type of other thing in location of a fuse, even as a short-term fix. This can reason extensive damage or even fire.Always use a real Toyota fuse or equivalent.Do not modify the fuses or fuse boxes.If the replaced fuse blows again, have actually the automobile inspected by any authorized Toyota dealer or repairer, or one more duly qualified and equipped professional.

Passenger Compartment


Junction Connector (CAN LH №2)Junction Connector (CAN LH №1)Multiplex Tilt and Telescopic ECUTurn Signal Flasher AssemblyDistance control ECU AssemblyFuse BoxMain body ECUJ/B №5Power Steering ECU AssemblyJ/B №4Back-Up irradiate RelayTransponder key AmplifierTransponder an essential ECU AssemblyA/C Amplifier AssemblyFour Wheel Drive control ECUClearance Warning ECU AssemblyPower resource Control ECUJ/B №3J/B №6Ignition (ACC Cut) RelayJunction Connector (CAN RH)Tire pressure Warning ECUStereo component Amplifier AssemblyShift Lock control ECU Sub-AssemblyJ/B №7Center Airbag Sensor Assembly

Passenger Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The fuse panel is located under the driver’s side of the dashboard. Remove the lid.

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№FuseAProtected components
1INVERTER15Power outlet (115 V / 120 V)
2FR P/SEAT LH30Power front driver"s seat
3DR/LCK25Multiplex communication system
4POWER №530Power earlier door
5OBD7.5On-board diagnosis system
6PWR OUTLET15Power outlets
7-- -
8AM17.5Shift lock system, starting system, chair heaters
9A/C7.5Air air conditioning system
10MIR15Outside rear see mirror control, outside rear view mirror heaters
11POWER №320Power windows
12FR P/SEAT RH30Power prior passenger seat
13TI&TE15Power tilt and power telescopic
14S/ROOF25Electric moon roof
15RR SEAT-HTR RH10Seat heaters
16ECU-IG №17.5Anti-lock brake system, car stability manage system, multiplex communication system, intuitive parking assist system, strength front driver"s seat, power tilt and power telescopic, shift lock, tire pressure warning system, accessory meter, trailer towing, power outlet, electric moon roof, power earlier door, head irradiate cleaner, blind Spot screen system, BSM key switch
17AIR SUS IG20Electronically modulated air suspension system
18LH-IG7.5Back-up lights, charging system, gauge and also meters, rotate signal lights, air air conditioning system, seat heaters, rear home window defogger
194WD20Four-wheel drive control system
20RR SEAT-HTR LH10Seat heaters
21WSH20Window washer
22WIPER30Wiper and also washer
23ECU-IG №27.5Multiplex communication system, power steering, gateway ECU
24TAIL15Tail lights, trailer lights (tail lights), parking lights
25A/C IG10Air air conditioning system
26-- -
27SEAT-HTR20Seat heater or Heated and also ventilated seats
28PANEL7.5Instrument panel lights, gloves box light, ashtray, accessory meter, audio system, rear see monitor, navigating system, rear seat entertain system, gauges and meters, air air conditioning system, seat heater or heated and ventilated switches, BSM key switch
29ACC7.5Accessory meter, audio system, behind seat entertainment system, rear see monitor, navigation system, back-up lights, trailer lamp (back-up lights), multiplex communication system, power outlet, external rear see mirror
30BK/UP LP10Back-up light, gauges and also meters
31CIG15Cigarette lighter
32POWER №130Power windows, power ago window

Engine Compartment


ABS and also Traction Actuator AssemblyFuse BoxHeadlight Cleaner control RelayECM

Engine Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

Push the tab in and lift the lid off.



№FuseAProtected components
1A/F15Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system
3EFI №125Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system
4IG2 MAIN30"INJ", "MET", "IGN" fuses
5L2 RR2 SEAT30Power 3rd seat
6L1 RR2 SEAT30Power 3rd seat
7CDS FAN25Electric cooling fans
8DEICER20Windshield wiper de-icer
9TOW TAIL30Trailer lights (tail lights)
10CDS fan №2252012-2017: Electric cooling fans
11R2 RR2 SEAT30Power third seat
12R1 RR2 SEAT30Power 3rd seat
13POWER №425Power windows
14FOG15Front fog lights
15STOP15Stop lights, high placed stoplight, vehicle stability regulate system, anti-lock brake system, transition lock system, multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system, towing converter
16TOW BRK30Trailer brake controller
17IMB7.5Engine immobilizer system
18AM27.5Starting system
19-- -
20-- -
21-- -
22-- -
23TOWING30Towing converter
24AI-HTR102012-2017: Air injection pump heaters
25ALT-S5Charging system
26TURN-HAZ15Turn signal lights, emergency flashers, towing converter
27F/PMP152007-2011: No circuit
252012-2017: Fuel pump
28ETCS10Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system, electric throttle control system
29MET-B5Gauges and also meters
30-- -
31AMP30Audio system, rear view monitor, navigating system, rear seat entertain system
32RAD №115Audio system, rear check out monitor, navigating system, behind seat to chat system
33ECU-B17.5Multiplex interaction system, Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system, auto anti-glare inside rear see mirror, power outlets, power front driver"s seat, strength tilt and power telescopic, power ago door, gateway ECU
34DOME7.5Interior lights, an individual lights, vanity lights, engine move light, foot light, door courtesy lights, accessory meter, power earlier door, power third seat
35HEAD LH15Left-hand headlight (high beam)
36HEAD LL15Left-hand headlight (low beam)
37INJ10Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system, ignition system
38MET7.5Gauges and also meters
39IGN10SRS airbag system, multiport fuel injection system/sequential multi-port fuel injection system, engine immobilizer system, cruise control system, gateway ECU
40-- -
41HEAD RH15Right-hand headlight (high beam)
42HEAD RL15Right-hand headlight (low beam)
43EFI №210Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system, leak detection pump
44DEF I/UP5No circuit
45AIR SUS №27.5Electronically modulated wait suspension system
46-- -
47-- -
48-- -
49AIR SUS50Electronically modulated air suspension system
50PBD30Power earlier door
51RR HTR40Air air conditioning system
52H-LP CLN30Headlight cleaner
53DEFOG40Rear home window defogger
54SUB BATT40Trailer towing
55-- -
56-- -
57ABS150Anti-lock brake system, vehicle stability control system
58ABS240Anti-lock brake system, automobile stability regulate system
59ST30Starting system
60-- -
61-- -
62-- -
63HTR50Air conditioning system
64-- -
65LH-J/B150"AM1", "TAIL", "PANEL", "ACC", "CIG", "LH-IG", "4WD", "ECU-IG №1", "BK/UP LP", "SEAT-HTR", "A/C IG", "ECU-IG №2", "WSH", "WIPER", "OBD", "A/C", "TI&TE", "FR P/SEAT RH", "MIR, DR/LCK", "FR P/SEAT LH", "CARGO LP", "PWR OUTLET", "POWER №1" fuses
66ALT180"LH-J/B", "HTR", "SUB BATT", "TOW BRK", "STOP", "FOG", "TOW TAIL", "DEICER" fuses
140"LH-J/B", "HTR", "SUB BATT", "TOW BRK", "STOP", "FOG", "TOW TAIL", "DEICER" fuses
67A/PUMP №150Multiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system
68A/PUMP №250Multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system
69MAIN40"HEAD LL", "HEAD RL", "HEAD LH", "HEAD RH" fuses
70-- -
71-- -
R1F/PMPFuel pump
R2- -
R3SUB BATTTrailer below battery
R4TOW TAILTrailer lamp (tail lights)
R5DEFOGRear windshield defogger
R6AIR SUSAir suspension
R7SECURITY HORNSecurity horn
R8FOGFog light
R9- -
R11C/OPNCircuit opening
R12- -
R13MG CLTAir conditioner compressor clutch
R15BRK №2Stop lights
R16BRK №1Stop lights
R17- -
R19CDS FANElectric cooling fan
R22- -
R23- -
R24- -
R25- -