Every time you rotate the an essential to the Start position on her Pontiac auto the starter motor provides the battery and a solenoid come spin the crankshaft to begin the engine. The pinion gear on the starter and other internal components make this possible as well; however, these components wear out and, after numerous starts, utlimately fail. At that point you need to replace the starter motor. Through the correct replacement for your certain Pontiac car model, monitor this overview to download the new unit.

Under The Hood:

How to change the Starter on a 1995 Pontiac

Lift the right front end of the Pontiac with the floor jack, so that you have the right to place the jack stand under the ideal front frame. Lower the Pontiac onto the jack stand. Place the wheel chocks at ago of the behind wheels to stop the Pontiac native rolling.

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Open the hood and also use the battery wrench to disconnect the an adverse battery cable native the battery. Push the cable end into a position where it can not accidentally call the battery terminal throughout the fix process.

Climb underneath the appropriate front the the Pontiac and also locate the starter. Its ar will be identified by the year and model of her Pontiac, however it deserve to be uncovered by looking in ~ the ideal side the the engine, whereby the transmission bell housing is bolted come the earlier of the engine block.

Disconnect the starter wiring utilizing the socket set.

Support the body of the starter v one hand while you remove its mounting bolts through your other hand and also the socket set. Perform not permit the starter weight come down on the bolts when you are removing them.

Compare the old starter come the instead of starter. It"s not unusual for auto parts stores to market the not correct starter. Make sure the two are physically identical before attempting to download the replacement unit.

Hold the instead of starter in position, making sure you totally support that weight with one hand while friend thread the mounting bolts in v your other hand. There is no relieving the support, take the socket collection and tighten the mounting bolts down completely.

Reattach the starter wiring and tighten the starter down v the socket set.

Reconnect the negative battery cable with the battery cable wrench. Lower the Pontiac off the jack stand with the floor jack.

Items you will certainly need

Floor jack

Jack stand

Wheel chocks

Battery wrench

Socket set

Replacement starter

How to adjust the Starter top top a 1999 Pontiac grand Am


Lift the hood top top the cool Am and locate the car’s battery. Recognize the negative post ~ above the battery through its minus price on the optimal of the battery case. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove the cable indigenous its post on the battery. Plunder the entire metal terminal in ~ the finish of the battery cable with electric tape. Place the cable under within the engine compartment. Make sure the cable’s not contacting any type of other steel or the engine.

Open the driver door and fully engage the cool Am’s emergency brake. Advanced the vehicle at its jacking allude on the front passenger side using a automobile jack. The bottom of the tire must visibly measure up eight to ripe inches indigenous the ground.

Position a jack stand slightly left of the auto jack. Eliminate the locking pin from the support arm top top the jack stand. Raise the support arm to accommodate the elevation of the automobile jack. Return the locking pen to the support arm that the jack was standing to certain its height. Slightly reduced the automobile jack so that the jack stand deserve to bear few of the car’s weight. Execute not eliminate the car jack. Absent the car ago and forward slightly to assure it will remain stable.

Slide under the grand Am head very first and situate the starter. It will certainly resemble a huge elongated gold or black color capsule. The solenoid will attach directly come it and will resemble a smaller sized capsule together well.

Label each of the wires linked to the solenoid clearly with white painter"s tape. Do not use words on the painter"s ice such together “red or black.” Instead, label the wires “inner and outer” or “left and also right.” use a socket wrench to remove the wire-securing nuts and also slide the wires off their mounting bolts.

Remove the bolts securing the flywheel cover v a socket wrench if you have actually the 3.4L grand Am. Lower the cover native its mounting place on the flywheel. Location the cover and its securing bolt to the side of the work area.

Remove the starter’s retaining bolts in ~ its base whereby it mounts against the engine. Begin with the top bolt. Before you remove the reduced starter bolt, support the starter with your totally free hand. Eliminate the bolt and place both hands on the starter together you lower it far from that mounting position.


Place the starter earlier into its original mounting position exactly as you removed the old starter. Assistance the starter and also hand thread every of the starter’s retaining bolts. This will certainly assure the starter lines up correctly. Collection your 3/8-inch-drive talk wrench to 30 ft-lbs. Fully secure the bottom starter retaining bolt followed by the peak bolt.

Place the solenoid’s wires back onto your correct mounting point. Begin both that the solenoid wires retaining nuts by hand. Reset the 3/8-inch-drive torque wrench to 22 ft-lbs. And completely secure both retaining nuts. Eliminate the painter"s tape indigenous the solenoid’s wires. If you eliminated the flywheel cover, mount it ago into its original position. Hand thread every of the cover’s retaining bolts. Set your 1/4-inch-drive talk wrench to 89 inch-pounds. Completely secure the flywheel cover’s retaining bolts one at a time.

Remove every one of the tools you supplied while under the car. Progressive the auto jack slightly to relieve the car’s weight on the jack stand. Slide the jack stand from beneath the cool Am. Reduced the car completely to the ground and remove the car jack.

Remove the electrical tape indigenous the negative battery cable terminal. Securely reconnect the cable earlier to its short article on the battery through a socket wrench. Shut the hood and also release the car’s emergency brake. Begin the engine to test out the brand-new starter.

Items you will certainly need

Socket-wrench set

Black electric tape

Car jack

Jack stand

White painter"s tape

3/8-inch journey torque wrench

1/4-inch journey torque wrench

How to replace the Starter on a "97 grand Am

Identify the starter"s ar on the engine. Top top 1997 Pontiac grand Am, the starter is uncovered underneath the intake manifold and above the oil filter. The starter is the part that is about fifty percent the dimension of a football and also looks choose two cylindrical piece joined together (one cylinder is bigger than the other).

Raise the cool Am by steering it up on ramps. If it will certainly not start, climate you will need to raise it by using a floor jack and jack stands. Place the floor jack top top the driver"s side and also raise it, put the jack under the frame. Relax the floor jack and do the same process on the passenger next of the car.

Remove the oil filter from underneath the engine. In stimulate to change the starter on a 1997 Pontiac grand Am, you will have to remove the oil filter in stimulate to access the bolts stop the starter right into place. Placed the oil filter confront down on optimal of a drainpipe pan so that excess oil can drainpipe from that while you space replacing the starter.

Disconnect the black color battery cable native your car battery. This will certainly ensure that you will not be electrocuted while working on your car"s electrical system, component of which leads to the starter. Wait for fifteen minutes so that any type of potential electric charges have the right to dissipate.

Change her oil while you are waiting. Since you need to remove the oil filter, you can as well readjust the oil and also put a new filter on after an altering your starter. Be certain that you are not permitting any oil come leak on her driveway.

Disconnect the electrical link tab the is resulting in your starter ~ above your grand Am. If the is stuck, then gently pry it v a flat-head screwdriver.

Unscrew the copper nut holding the electrical wires right into place in former of the starter. This will offer you more room to job-related with together you remove your starter indigenous the engine.

Unscrew the 2 bolts hold the starter to the flywheel of your engine. Remove the bolts and then eliminate the starter.

Slide the new starter into place and also bolt in the holding bolts come secure it to the flywheel. If you are cranking on the bolts in bespeak to gain them into place, climate you may not have ideal alignment in between the starter and the flywheel. If this is the case, climate you will must remove it and slide it back into place.

Connect the electrical connection tab resulting in the starter. Put the oil filter earlier on. Reconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal v the black cable. Try beginning your Pontiac grand Am.

Lower your 1997 Pontiac grand Am native the ramps or jack stands once you have successfully replaced her starter.

Items you will certainly need

Socket wrench with adapters

Replacement starter

Mechanic"s gloves

Car ramps

Jack stands

Floor jack

Oil filter

Motor oil

Oil catch pan

Oil filter wrench

How to replace the Starter ~ above a Pontiac Sunbird

Remove the Starter

Remove the negative battery cable making use of a wrench.

Take the engine harness off the motor mount come gain accessibility to the starter mounting bolts making use of a ratchet and socket, if necessary.

Raise the former of your Pontiac Sunbird using a floor jack and also support it on 2 jack stands. On part Sunbird models, you may have access to the upper starter-mounting bolt native the peak of the engine compartment.

Unbolt the solenoid cover from the height of the starter motor, if your particular model is equipped through it. Usage a ratchet and also socket.

Label the wires associated to the starter solenoid, mounted on optimal of the starter motor, if necessary. Then remove the wires and the battery cable indigenous the solenoid utilizing a wrench or ratchet and socket.

Detach the rear support bracket native the starter motor utilizing a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Unscrew the 2 starter-to-engine bolts making use of a ratchet, ratchet extension and also socket. Depending upon your details Sunbird model, this starter-mounting bolts may be various in size and there can be one or more shims an installed between the starter and engine block. Do a keep in mind of this items to make starter surroundings easier, if necessary.

Remove the starter from the vehicle.

Install the brand-new Starter

Set the starter motor and also shims in place.

Start the two starter-to-engine mounting bolts by hand or usage the ratchet extension. Then tighten the bolts making use of the ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Attach the rear support bracket indigenous the starter motor making use of the ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Connect the wires and battery cable come the starter solenoid making use of the wrench or ratchet and socket.

Install the solenoid cover to the height of the starter motor, if your specific model is equipped with it. Use the ratchet and socket.

Lower the vehicle.

Attach the engine harness to the motor mount utilizing the ratchet and also socket, if you had actually to eliminate it come gain access to the starter mounting bolts.

Connect the an adverse battery cable utilizing the wrench.

Update the ECM/PCM Memory

Perform one "Idle Learn" procedure on your Pontiac Sunbird if that is equipped with a 3.0L engine. View the pointer box in ~ the bottom that this write-up for much more information.

Hook up a perfect scan tool to the Data attach Connector (DLC) located under the dashboard.

Turn the ignition switch to the top top position but do not start the engine.

Select the Idle wait Controller (IAC) ~ above the scan tool; go to assorted Test Mode and also select Idle Learn.

Make sure the infection is in Park (automatic) or Neutral (manual).

Run the test adhering to the instructions on the scan tool.

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Unplug the scan tool and turn turn off the ignition switch as soon as you have actually finished the test.