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All,While i was replacing the water pump on my 2000 DTS I wrote down each of the steps. Hope this help others considering the job. It is really an extremely easy.If anyone wants to include anything please do so.Brian2000 Deville DTS Water Pump ReplacementTools, Parts and Supplies RequiredTools:Northstar water pump Remover Tool10mm 3/8” drive deep socket10mm 3/8” journey socket3/8” journey 1” extension3/8” drive 3” extension3/8” journey ratchet½” journey breaker barPhillips head screwdriverLarge flathead screwdriverChannel Lock PliersParts:New Water Pump with o-ring real estate Cover Gasket (dealer item)Supplies:Dex-Cool AntifreezeCooling system Pellets (dealer item)OverviewThis is among the easiest water pump replacements ns have ever before done. Listed below are the steps in the order ns performed them.Remove radiator plastic cover throughout top prior of engine bayRemove shield ~ above water pump belt drive. 2 10mm nuts and one 10mm bolt.Remove 10mm seed holding oil dipstick come water pump housingRemove wait filter and completely remove the waiting box. Collection computer to the next safely. (you will certainly be glad you did this step)Use huge screwdriver to move belt tensioner to release tension and remove belt from water pump pulleyRemove clamp from top radiator hose and also remove hoseRemove clamp from thermostat housing bypass hose (do not eliminate hose yet)Loosen 4 10mm bolts through deep socket top top water pump housing and let coolant drainAfter coolant drains, remove 4 10mm bolts indigenous water pump housing and also remove housing. Location special Water Pump removal tool on water pump cartridge and also using ½” drive breaker bar rotate clockwise till pump slips off housing. Remove pump and remove o-ring within the water pump housingClean area good with towel rag or file towelPut clean grease on new o-ring and install in water pump housingInstall new water pump and also using distinct tool and also ½” breaker bar turn counter clockwise until new pump snaps into placeRemove old seal from water pump housing coverPut clear grease on brand-new seal and install in water pump real estate cover making sure to insert the fitting within the bypass hose by the thermostatInstall 4 10mm bolts in water pump real estate cover and also tightenRe-install clamp ~ above bypass hose and also tighten.Crush up cooling device pellets and pour inside top radiator hoseInstall upper radiator hose and clampUse huge screwdriver to move belt tensioner to relax tension and install belt top top water pump pulleyInstall water pump belt shieldRe-attach oil dipstick come water pump housingRe-install airbox and computerMix coolant 50/50% through waterStart engine and fill v coolant watching closely so you do not over fill

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