Morning Guys, kinda walking waaaay off topic here.I"ve gained to change the fuel pump on my truck. Its sitting in my driveway right now, and I was wondering if I have the right to drop the tank through the van on every 4wheels. I have actually the alternative to obtain it towed to mine buddies shop and also get it on a lift. I was just wondering if I might save myself the hassle of towing/pulling it and also have the clearance come drop the tank and also get it the end of the method of the structure rails and also just execute it in mine driveway. Anybody know if its doable? Or am i pulling this rig come a lift?:cheers:


the easiest method on the pickups to be to pull the bed off, however that obviously won"t work on an avalanche. You"ll most likely need at the very least some extra space, uneven its virtually empty (and hence light) and you feel choose dropping one finish of the tank and working ~ above it with you wedged increase under the truck. Even then you"ll require room to pull the pump assembly the end the optimal of the tank. Suspect the van doesn"t run, i"d guess: v it would certainly be challenging to placed it on ramps, but if you might get the rear finish up it would probably offer you the room you need. Difficulty is most world fill their tank increase right before the pump quits for an excellent so friend likely have 28 gallons or for this reason of fuel come wrestle out from under the truck. If girlfriend tow it come the shop, have actually a tow organization take that if that farther 보다 a mile, the automatic trans counts on the engine turn the prior pump because that lubrication for this reason if you flat tow the you might end up killing the trans.

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I inquiry at work-related today, some of the newer vehicles have actually an access hole under the chair or in the floor, unfortunately this ain"t one of them, so correctly you have to drop the tank.Lou

I"m curious myself. Mine is till gonig strong. I recognize a pair people who have actually dont the on a typical chevy truck and pulling the bed to be a item of cake. Wonder how difficult it would certainly be to pull it off? ns havent also bothered looking under it. Permit me recognize what you find out.

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Honda is nice... They provide you an access hole. Top top the Avi... You got to fall the tank. It"s really no a huge deal uneven you live whereby it snows, and the bolts are rusted.

Thanks a ton guys.Strizzo, if I placed transfer instance in neutral buy, put change lever in N, then host 4HI and 4LO because that 10sec then change to reverse. This provides me the red LED "Neutral" in the driveterrain selector switch, am I it s okay to level tow in this mode? I constantly thought thats what it was for.Hey Foster an excellent to listen yours is tho going (they ain"t cheap $300 via a girlfriend cost), but because our rigs are more of a Surburban than silverado/sierra we have actually no selection but to drop the tank. I"ll tow it to a lift got around 1/4 tank however that"ll still do for a heavy tank to shot an manuver top top in the driveway.Again many thanks a lot of guys!!Super evaluate the advice and tips!
I use to regular the avalanche forum a lot. So i simply went and also searched there. The part of the tank you require to access is actually best under the behind seat. Many people accessibility it by cut a hole in the floor. Right here is a great thread ~ above it. Http:// wouldnt really desire to cut a feet in the floor, yet that shows up to it is in the technique most civilization use to change it. After seeing this though...makes me kinda nervous having actually 2 children in the back seat riding ~ above the gas tank.
Thanks because that the link, I"ve been on the forum because that a bit too.
ns don"t think I"ll cut a hole in mine floor!! viewed lots a males do the in the bed of your pickups though. I crawled under there today to view what kinda form the fasteners room in and also lucky lock aren"t even rusted. (that undercoating ns did a pair years earlier may have just saved my ass native cutting out the floor of my truck Lolz.)
sometimes, u can tap on bottom of tank v a rubber mallot, while who is cranking it, and also it will certainly start, then u can probably journey to your buddies home instead the towing it, we execute it on evade pickups every the time, then journey em into the shop -- after all, that an electric pump
Thanks griz def. Worth a try shop is around a mile from mine house. As soon as i revolve ignition to run, you can hear the pump grindin pretty negative though. But I will certainly for sure try that! Thanks!
set up on a lift, through a fuel tank jack, its like a 45 minute job with wait tools here in florida, rusted most likely like wherein u and doc room from, u might wanna spray down bolts now, and also again maybe a couple a times before u do the task with part pb blaster, lol, below in fla we dont usage it ~ above a fla vehicle, just them vacationing northerner"s vehicles....

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set up on a lift, v a fuel tank jack, its prefer a 45 minute project with air tools below in florida, rusted more than likely like where u and doc room from, u can wanna spray under bolts now, and again probably a couple a times prior to u carry out the project with some pb blaster, lol, below in fla we dont usage it top top a fla vehicle, only them vacationing northerner"s vehicles....