My auto stall out while driving. The mechanic claimed it to be the O2 sensors ~ hooking it as much as the diagnostic machine. Would certainly this cause the auto to stall out? that stalled the end while ~ above the highway one day, which comes to me?

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correct if the heater sorts to the sensing element they can cause the engine to stall here is a guide that can walk girlfriend throught the steps and the sensor location and also instructions on exactly how to replace net in the diagrams below. out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand what happens.


there is part conflicting information there. Your gaining codes for both rich and also leans condition so if you space correct around the code numbers, then you likely started with a significant rich condition that eventually clogged the O/2 sensors come the suggest they have the right to only read lean.At this allude you more than likely have ruined the O/2 sensors due to driving that too lengthy with a rich condition. Your going to have to start with brand-new O/2 sensors and then look for the initial problem. Clean the codes after the sensors room replaced and then check out what password reset after replacing the sensors. Then you"ll get specific picture the what may be the root cause of the problem.
This is walking to be a 3 hundred dollar expense unless you do it yourself. The sensors have the right to be changed is much less than one hour.

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I have a 2005 Ford Expedition. My inspect engine light has been top top for practically a year now. The password it throws is the O2 sensor, financial institution 2. Ns have had the sensor replaced 3 times. I've likewise had the spark plugs and coils replaced. Light is quiet on. Trucks power is decreasing. Exhaust recently started smelling bad. Truck will shake in ~ idle and sounds like its walking to reduced out. My girlfriend (who is an airplane mechanic, but additionally knows a an excellent deal about cars) said he think it's the cat converter. He's never looked at my truck however feels that's what it is. I've brought my truck right into two different places, one gift a Meineke, and they both claimed that the "code" says its the O2 sensor and that as much as they could tell, the cat to be fine. WELL. Plainly SOMETHING IS resulting in THE O2 SENSOR TO continue TO FAIL! any kind of ideas. Please help!