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HelloNote: numerous searches excellent in order to uncover this both top top VW Vortex forums and the internet prior to posting here.My A/C clutch is no engaging. After reading up on the on the forums, a many of people recommend to check the fuses/relay. Every fuses space OK, however I have hard time locating the relay. The just relay box I uncovered is under the hood, behind the engine and a little bit to the right. It has only 3 relays in it; however there is no map or any type of markings on lock so i am not certain what they are for. Also, a lot of of human being are pointing out the relays room inside the car near the fuse box, yet I am no able to pop open anything listed below the steering wheel (other then the fuse box). Any assist with locating this relay would be considerably appreciated.ThanksSasha
Re: A/C Compressor Relay place (sashak_toronto)have friend scanned it??? space you particular the issue is a relay???
Re: A/C Compressor Relay place (LSinLV)
Yes ns am pretty certain it is the relay. Among the mechanics checked voltage ~ above the clutch. That kicks in because that a short sec and also then that stops. Relay would certainly be straightforward to check for (provided that I uncover it

Do you have actually a Vag-Com or VAS/VAG an equipment -- no generic OBD-II scanner?Go to quick Data deliver -> 01 Engine electronic devices -> 08 check out Measured blockEnter "050 Q"What room the last to readings, with A/C switched on, and then with A/C switched on?
Re: (joako)
Thanks joako. Unfortunately ns dont have access to scanner (any more). Ns am on mine own now trying to figure this through trial/error approach.
Re: (sashak_toronto)
The relay space on the engine, chauffeurs side, below the battery.At least on my automobile a 2003 jetta 2.0Itis easier to acces from belowHad a trouble with the aC no transforming on and also a cable was no making exactly contact.Do her controls occupational ok?
I think that is the pan relay, the A/C will not revolve on if the pan relay does not function. I have having the exact trouble now, its a loose cable.Bosch. Any specific advise? the cable the was not making contact is the one that goes native the fuse box on optimal of the battery?
Re: (BoschSEMO)
Yes, the controls work simply fine (the light comes on). Freon is full. All fuses in the fuse box space OK. I will shot looking under the auto to check out if I have the right to locate it. Is it just one, or is there an ext then one?

Re: (BoschSEMO)
item 11 is not it, that is the fan manage module...this is what the relay looks like.

is situated behind steering wheel. Open up driver side door, open tiny door for fuses, take a flaslight and also you will watch it inside. Number 385 or 358.....take it out, open it and also connect the manualy inside,,,,should work. Don"t leaving it connected. Change it, expense 20$.

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is located behind steering wheel. Open up driver side door, open tiny door for fuses, take it a flaslight and you will see it inside. Number 385 or 358.....take the out, open up it and connect the manualy inside,,,,should work. Don"t leaving it connected. Replace it, price 20$.