Anyone recognize where the speed sensor is ~ above a 2000 dakota? and how hard it is to replace. And if it can cause the brake/abs/tranny irradiate to come on and also make the speedometer stop working?

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:) I had the same problem on my 99 dakota. That is located on the optimal of the rear diff. Look for a connector there and two bolts holding that in place. It take it me much less than a half an hour to readjust it out.


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you folks are talking around two various sensors. The vehicle speed sensor is top top the left side of the infection as STEVEN KENNEDY mentioned. The sensor on the peak of the behind differential real estate is strictly because that rear-wheel-anti-lock, (RWAL) brakes, and also nothing else. If the truck has four-wheel anti-lock brakes, it will not have that sensor. Unlike the cheaper variation on GMs that usage a three-channel system, Chrysler has constantly used a four-channel system that mediate the two rear wheels separately of every other. That offers a wheel speed sensor in ~ every wheel.You must be starting new questions certain to your auto for a pair of reasons. First, the an initial person didn't also bother to perform the engine size, transmission type, 2 or four-wheel-drive, or the mileage. Those are all factors in answering the inquiry of how tough it is to replace the sensor. We're happy they told the model year since prior to 1989 models, castle did have a speedometer cable screwed into the car speed sensor. A fail sensor would only reason the cruise control to it is in inoperative, and also the transmission's lock-up clutch to not engage. Other than that, there would certainly be no symptoms and also the speedometer would work just fine. We likewise look in ~ the mileage to do generalizations regarding the ideal suspects or finest places come start trying to find a diagnosis.The second problem is this was a personal conversation between two people. Others space welcome to check out the responses once researching your problem, but when you piggyback a reply, the is just going come be watched by the 2 individuals affiliated originally. We acquire automated e-mails directing us ago here when a brand-new reply reflects up. None of the other specialists will check out the enhancement or have a chance to reply. The does a large disservice come the human making the addition and may not get them the help they need.Posting a new question additionally adds come the list of similar problems so we deserve to see what is common.If anyone requirements it, here's the attach to post another question: