I go on a shopping pilgrimage today come a local beauty it is provided store. Was i out trying to find the recent in salt scrubs or mousse? Nope. I was out to visit the hairdressing peroxide because that sale.

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Peroxide is referred to as Developer

The very first thing i learned is the the peroxide in ~ the beauty store is dubbed “developer”. Ns think the is used in addition to some other stuff (“activators”). There were a number of other products nearby that had actually a hodge-podge of ingredient in them.


If you"d like to know exactly how to use peroxide on hair, right here is an article about how hairdressers use peroxide because that lightening and also coloring hair.

According come the label, the peroxide i bought is used with bleach, tint, and toner. (Yes, ns bought some peroxide! every for “research”.)

There are 2 types of developer because that sale: “liquid developer” (which is level clear hydrogen peroxide), and “creme developer”. The creme developer is white (as protest to clear) and it has actually oil and also several other ingredients, in addition to hydrogen peroxide. I definitely would not consider buying the “creme developer” come use around the residence – there’s method too lot other ingredient in it. (Guess which kind I bought?)

What walk Volume mean?

If you desire to shop because that hairdressing peroxide, you’ll desire to keep in mind that it is the it is offered by VOLUME quite than by PERCENTAGE. (Volume is also called “volume strength”.)

Volume is the amount of oxygen the is had in a provided amount the peroxide. For example, 3% hydrogen peroxide is V10 or 10 volume, due to the fact that it will certainly release 10 time it’s volume in oxygen. One pint the 3% hydrogen peroxide will certainly release 10 pints the oxygen as it division down. Gee, currently there is something to think about. That course, V20 will release twice as lot oxygen, 20 time its volume. This is gaining pretty fantastic, and also we are only up come 6% hydrogen peroxide here….

V10, V20, V30, and V40

The peroxide because that sale at beauty shop will have actually the following labels: V10, V20, V30, V40. Some brands may also say the percentage of peroxide along with the volume. Some may not.
This VOLUME......contains this portion of hydrogen peroxide
10 volume or V103%
20 volume or V206%
30 volume or V309%
40 volume or V4012%

Cosmetics class peroxide

The peroxide in these products is cosmetics grade hydrogen peroxide. So, what’s that mean?

I have uncovered multiple sources that say that cosmetics class peroxide contains “high levels” or “extremely high levels” the stabilizers, however I have actually not found what the stabilizers are that room used. The reason for the stabilizers is to minimize the break down of the peroxide (into water and also oxygen). Cosmetics class peroxide is fairly dilute (low concentration) and also needs to have a fairly long shelf life.

Because the the stabilizers, I would not use hairdressing peroxide for anything relating to people, plants, or animals. I understand that some people do usage V40 to feeding to plants, because that example. I’d quite use food grade peroxide, there is no the stabilizers, for that. You might use it come clean her floor and mirrors (but ultimately everything goes ago to the environment).

Bargain hunting…..

So, what are the prices like for cosmetics grade peroxide?

The price are sort of odd, in that it’s about the very same price because that V10 together it is because that V40. Normally you would mean to pay much much more for something that is 4 times as concentrated, right? This appeared really funny to me! however this appears to be standard for hairdressing peroxide.

Well, if you room price shopping, here is how the price compares to buying 3% peroxide:

BRAND and concentration% hydrogen peroxideRetail price - 1 pint (US$ Aug 2007)Price per pint of 3% (US$ Aug 2007)
Ms. Kay Dioxygen 10 vol3%$3.49$3.49
Ms. Kay Dioxygen 20 vol6%$3.49$1.75
Ms. Kay Dioxygen 40 vol12%$2.99$0.75
Clarioxide 20 vol6%$3.49$1.75
Clairoxide 30 vol9%$3.99$1.33
Clairoxide 40 vol12%$3.49$0.87
Compared to buying 3% peroxide at the drugstore, purchase V40 is a bit cheaper. A pint that 3% at the drugstore costs about $1.50? probably under a dollar, ~ above sale? It’s not a lot of distinction either way.

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By the way, ns buy 35% food grade peroxide in big quantities (15 gallons). The price works out to around US$1.50 every gallon the 3%. That is, after ns dilute that from 35% come 3%, the expense is about $1.50 per gallon. And also then I usage food grade for everything. Much easier than trying to save track of i m sorry one has which stabilizers in it. So, buying food grade peroxide does not necessarily cost more.

Other points I learned indigenous the label

“For experienced use only.”It’s made through deionized water. (One brand list the ingredients as “deionized water, cosmetics class hydrogen peroxide” – the various other brand didn’t perform ingredients.)The “Ms. Kay” 12% peroxide has an expiration day of Dec 2008 (It is august 2007 together I’m writing this.)Cautions listed: strong oxidizer, reasons irritation, results may be delayed, no for medicinal use, avoid contact with eyes or skin. If wake up occurs, flush v water. In case of eye call or ingestion, get professional medical help. Keep in a cool place out of sunlight. Keep OUT OF with OF CHILDREN.That every sounds perfectly reasonable come me.Another brand said to keep the bottles in a cool place, the end of sunlight, as they could burst in heat. That additionally sounds reasonable. (And, yes, I have heard bottles can burst! If the peroxide beginning to break down, yes sir all that oxygen in there. So store it in a cool place and out of sunlight.)

Spray party from the beauty store…

While i was in ~ the beauty supply store, ns bought part nice spray bottles. I’ll usage these because that 3% peroxide because that housecleaning, and additionally a much an ext diluted peroxide for spraying a fern.