What 2 coins once put together makes 30 cents and one of castle is not a nickel?

One U.S. Quarter and one U.S. Nickel same 30 cents and one of these coins is no a nickel.

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What is the answer come the coin riddle?

The price is 2. First, divide the coins into 3 same piles. Ar a heap on every side the the scale, leaving the continuing to be pile the 3 coins off the scale. If the scale does no tip, you understand that the 6 coins ~ above the scale are legitimate, and also the counterfeit is in the heap in front of you.

How countless quarters space in 35 cents?

140 soldier Note: we multiplied 35 through 100, since there space 100 cent in a dollar, and also we split 3,500 by 25, due to the fact that there space 25 cents in a quarter.

How carry out you compose 70 cents?

$0.70 to (US) American English words

$0.70: lowercase. All small letter letters: seventy cents.$0.70: UPPERCASE. Every UPPERCASE LETTERS: SEVENTY CENTS.$0.70: title Case. Resources Letters in ~ the start of Words: Seventy Cents.$0.70: Sentence case. Resources letter to start the sentence: Seventy cents.

How carry out you make 50 cents?

dime and also 8 nickels. dimes and 6 nickels. dimes and 4 nickels. dimes and also 2 nickels. dimes.

How countless dimes is $1?

10 dimes

How plenty of nickels go it take to make 5 dollars?

The prize is 20 nickels!

How countless dollars is 60 nickels?

$3.00 = 300 cents = 60 nickels = 30 dimes = 12 soldier = 6 half dollars.

Does 50 nickels do a dollar?

First, calculate how plenty of cents there space in 50 nickels by multiply 50 by 5, and then divide that an outcome by 100 cents to obtain the answer. Note: us multiplied 50 through 5, due to the fact that there space 5 cent in a nickel, and we divided 250 through 100, because there room 100 cent in a dollar.

How lot is 30 nickels worth?

Thirty nickels, each v a denomination of 5 cents, is indistinguishable to the amount of $1.50. And also 15 pennies, each through a denomination of one cent, is indistinguishable to the amount of $0.15.

How much is 2 dollars in nickels?

There room 40 nickels in 2 dollars.

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A, The American Equivalent Of Calvados Is

How plenty of nickels room in a 100 dollars?

20 nickels

How plenty of nickels room in $200?

Nickels per Ton There room 2000 pounds in a ton. A $200 challenge value bag weighs 44 pounds. In addition, consists of 4000 nickels.

How countless nickels is 17 dollars?

340 nickels

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