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They are increasing by 4 time minus a arithmetic progression beginning in 1.

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It goes prefer this.

2 then..24 - 1 = 774 - 2 = 26264 - 3 = 1011014 - 4 = 400

So the following number is

400*4 - 5 = 1595

2, 7, 26, 101, 400, 1595

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MathematicsHow numerous different digits can replace * in the number 204*73 so that the resulting number is divisible through 3?



Solving worded trouble with bearings

A enlightenment troop space hiking in a forest. Beginning from the base, castle walk 4.2 kilometres south adhered to by 7.1 km west....


problem: (x+y)^3

"Please, have the right to you show me exactly how to deal with this math problem: (x+y)^3? Can't understand how to carry out it.(Thanks."


kavya has seen one brochure and also observed some mobile numbers on that . Hello Shankar! Your concern is not an extremely clear. Please complete it and ask again.

7, 16, 8, 27, 9, ? what is the following number in the sequence?The question is pertained to IQ or mental aptitude test, so we will certainly not it is in using any kind of formula here. These type of questions have the right to be fixed by different logic:Given sequence;7, 16, 8, 27, 9, ? If ax is 7 then 2nd is (7+1) *2, third is (7+1) then forth is (7+2) *3, 5th is (7+2) then sixth is (7+3) *4=40, similarly it goes..... Therefore the prize is 40. Ns hope the price is correct as this kind of question will be having actually options, so us may check from there as well. Note: sometimes the answer doesn't match, it method question maker has used various logic climate ours. Ns may define you that also. Us may comment on further details through messages.

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