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My bank 1 sensor 1 o2 sensor is bad. ~ doing study for a cheap sensor, I found that all the descriptions say the I require 2 sensors. Is this true? ns would have to spend roughly $200 for two sensors? If ns don"t need 2 sensors, which one carry out I should change? Also... Can anyone introduce bosch sensors or various other cheaper brand that will certainly work also or far better than the densos?thanks

bosch is a decent brand. The bank one sensor is situated on the exhaust manifold closest come the core support(front exhaust manifold). The other sensor(bank two) is located in the exhaust manifold closest come the firewall. I"ve supplied bosch without a problem. Other human being may have actually their very own say regarding if bosch is an excellent or not. Like i said, no troubles here.
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If her code claims s1 b1 is faulty then just replace the one is every is needed. Most of the distinction is the form of connector on the end of the sensor wires. However, you can want to change both at the very same time as they don"t live forever. Friend may also find a 3rd one just ahead that the cat converter.I walk mine (s1 b2) critical year after detecting it v my laptop plugged right into the OBDII socket.It pointed come a faulty O2 sensor in a location similar to yours. However, in my situation it was likewise a poor harness connector at the sensor. Seems the dealer left the connector turn off its holder so.. That melted against the exhaust manifold and shorted. Sensors room expensive and also even waaaaay much more pricey for the connectors because a new harness needs to it is in found. To save myself a pile of bucks, what ns did in my case was to cut and also splice in a generic connector, climate went digital to eBay (search "universal O2 sensor") and also sourced out any type of universal O2 sensor (new borg-warner - - but it appears pretty well any kind of screw-in type works fine). Simply make certain it has the same number of wires as yours. I spliced that brand-new sensor ~ above the leads from the brand-new connector. Normally the global sensors are sold with a parcel of crimp-on splices. Pretty an easy concept and maker really. Anyway, at the time it come to about $35 (for two) including s/h come Canada. Spliced in the ceiling leads to the new connector (or you have the right to just splice the in directly), diag"d it the end of interest, and also stills works great after a year the driving.Jack