Jeep grand Cherokee owners have actually reported 6problems regarded anti-theft controller (under the electric system category).The many recently reported issues are detailed below.Also please check out thestatistics and reliability analysis of Jeep cool Cherokee based on all problems reported for the cool Cherokee.

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I would have put igniotion/key as the impacted parts, yet that"s no an option. Therefore I"m driving under the road, and every one of sudden it simply stops running. Precise on southfield road. Think the was just a fluke I ongoing to try and drive it. Due to the fact that the first time it began right back up. Yet now, it transforms off in ~ a light, during a turn, going 25mph, 45mph. . . Basically whenever that feels like. I have actually a kid that is a permit only driver, and also can"t permit him for safety reasons to be driving this vehicle. I saw the mechanic and this is what i was told, over there is a component in the ignition device that sends out a signal to the chip in the key. When that stops sending the signal the vehicle turns off. Great anti-theft idea! it"s for this reason dangerous. Mechanic states the component is $100+ and then the original keys "may not" reprogram, which method an extra $60 per key, add to programming. Over there is a reason the dealer keeps it in stock, gotta understand it fails. This part should it is in recalled prior to someone it s okay hurt since the vehicle decided to prevent running ~ above the expressway. Watch all problems of the 1999 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

The call owns a 2011 Jeep grand Cherokee. Once attempting to begin the vehicle, it stalled there is no warning. The call mentioned the the anti-theft mechanism warning lamp illuminated. The automobile was no diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was made mindful of the failure. The failure mileage to be 70,000. See all troubles of the 2011 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

The call owns a 2005 Jeep cool Cherokee. The contact stated that the vehicle stalled. In addition, the waiting bag warning light illuminated. The fail recurred numerous times. The car was towed to a dealer whereby it to be diagnosed that the protection code essential to be reset. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made conscious of the failure. The fail mileage to be 135,000. Watch all difficulties of the 2005 Jeep grand CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

I newly bought a 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee laredo and also having done hrs of research I am having actually the same problem as many other Jeep owners. My alarm is faulty and also often does not start, I have not to be able to use vehicle in end a week. I have actually tried everything Jeep called me to execute to override alarm, that does no work. I additionally have a "quack" in mine door locks. I suspect I will need a brand-new acutuator. I don"t understand how their is not a recall on any of this things, I have read literally numerous complaints around the anti-theft systems in this cars and also it costs alot that time, money and frustration come fix. Ns will never ever buy one more Jeep nor will I ever before recommend a Jeep. Check out all problems of the 2000 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

My security system intermittently locks me the end of my vehicle. I have put at least 2000 into fixing it and also still have actually a car I cant drive and also I still have to pay for it. No one knows why that is law this. I am ready to have the device disabled but no one will certainly tell me exactly how to perform that either. Ns am a single mom and also cant afford come pay because that a car I i do not know drive. I need to get world to take it me every where I go. This is bring about severe hardship top top me and also my family.

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Problem. . . Driving down the road or quit at irradiate or in the middle of a revolve or top top expressway. . . It would certainly shut turn off without warning, sometime it would certainly restart immediately, occasionally not!!!. . . Very dangerous cases developed, which i was lucky!!!1996 Jeep cool Cherokee, 4. 0 , 6 cyl. . . . Invested 6 month doing repairs/ replacement parts and also many ,many dollars spent tracking down part after part. Making use of diagnostics machine to determine faulty part. . . Difficulty was the power regulate module ( pcm or ecu very same part) was defective and either was misreading codes or offering out negative codes to components (like to the crank obelisk position sensor or the coil, or the 01 or 02 ox sensors or that goes on and on and also on). Not sure exactly how it works yet you get my drift. Due to the fact that signing up with cnet. Com, have actually found many people across America v the same concern on Jeep with different years (1994/2000) and models. Come search. . . Look increase Jeep stalls or Jeep fixed and you will certainly see various other topics and also forums roughly that topic and also you will likewise see where the to produce doesn"t know exactly how to deal with the difficulty either. Another possible recall worry is the screws that hold the pcm can be as well long and also are ground connection out the unit after paint wears off on firewall. . . Essential to review all articles and different forums!!! . . . Is a mustlastly. . . Rather of replacing pcm"s, is it possible to have the pcm re flashed under recall??? I"m stretching, however maybe electric power storms and rain is causing parts to defect???lastly. . . Jeep parts consists of module power devices that work or don"t work yet the pcm reads the codes and adjusts the workable that the motor. . . An additional issue is the there are several issues that will shut under the motor as well as the fore mentioned parts. . . Ie. . . Asd relay, the defense system, door locks, steering column, the digital key, the earlier windshield wiper. . . Check out all problems of the 1996 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

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