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Where have the right to I find a illustration of the journey belt for a 200 ZX2? I had to eliminate my belt and there space 8 pulleys. I am not certain of the routing. Also ns am make the efforts to remove the lower pulley (crankshaft) yet having a difficult time remove the bolt. The engine wants to turn once I shot to loosen the bolt. Is this a best hand or left hand threaded bolt?
Look v the past posts its in there I recognize for a fact. Ns did mine about a year or for this reason ago. If it help it goes end the alternator, under a idler pully, then over the powerstearing pump, approximately the A/C. I understand that lot by heart. Ns not certain where the goes from there I think it goes come the crank pully however im not sure.

Item part Number description 1 10300 Generator sheave 2 19A216 Belt idler pulley-block 3 3D673 power steering pump pulley 4 8509 Water pump sheave 5 6B209 Belt tensioner 6 19703 A/C clutch pulley-block 7 6B320 Crankshaft pulley-block damper 8 19A216 Belt idler pulley 9 8620 drive belt
Thanks for the diagram. It will be a huge help when I put the belt ago on. Ns can"t believe there space 8 pulleys on this engine. I also got crank shaft pulley off. I had to use a 1/2" impact gun to eliminate the bolt. It did for this reason without turning the crankshaft. Many thanks again.

Thanks for the diagram. It will be a large help once I placed the belt earlier on. I can"t believe there space 8 pulleys on this engine. I also got crank shaft pulley off. I had actually to use a 1/2" impact gun to eliminate the bolt. That did so without transforming the crankshaft. Thanks again.
I have actually a brand-new drivebelt ago on through routing as in the diagram, (thanks) however I"m make the efforts to discover out if there is a relax on the tensionser. I check out a black color pin on top however I"m not certain what the is supposed to do, if anything. The difficulty I"m having is make the efforts to gain the new belt approximately the tensioner. I"ve acquired it top top the pulleys, however I"m wonder if over there is a way to slacken the tensioner so i can get the belt approximately it. When I turn it clockwise v a ratchet, the eases turn off some, but is the the only means slacken the to get the belt ago on?Thanks for your help!
Got the to occupational by just adding clockwise transforms to the tensioner and also then stop it tight while i wrestled the belt approximately the AC pully through my other hand. To run fine now, thanks.
Update come Serpentine belt instead of procedure
The image of the belt location was best on. One sports on surroundings is the (working from under after dropping the splash security assy.) I controlled to gain a 7/16" open end wrench ~ above the tensioner pulley bolt and totally slacken it and wedge it versus an AC pulley-block bolt so that stayed. Then I found it easier to wrestle the belt ~ above the top pulley significant as #3 in the diagram. The tensioner pulley does slacken clockwise as stated. This details made mine installation relatively easy provided the cramped area mine hands had actually to occupational in.
rotating the belt tensioner - Help
Any suggestions on rotating this tensioner while the engine is in the car? I have a level socket tool yet I can"t obtain much more thn a 1/4 turn without hitting hoses or metal. Is there a do it native underneath? trying to work on one in a parking garage and and no issue what encounters I make ns can"t get the belt to slip on. Any assist appreciated.

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my friend has a long belt device (snap-on ns think) and we perform it indigenous the top. Ns did it once on a zx2 indigenous the bottom i think through a continual ratchet, yet that to be a couple of years ago.
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