This is a kit to do a complete repair on the blend door break down that is typical to the 97- 01 Jeep Cherokee. Every Cherokee in this variety either has, or will certainly have, this typical failure. The pictures present the hardware provided for the fix. All work-related is excellent from the foot area the the passenger side of the Jeep, v a Dremel reduced in the bottom of the heater removed of the dash dashboard or evacuating the AC system and draining the radiator. As soon as completed, the alterations space under the dash dashboard in the foot area and are no visible. The work to download the fix is fairly simple and also can be completed by the median shade tree mechanic. The work might easily be excellent by any type of local live independence garage. Product returns are embraced within two weeks for a full refund(minus shipping).

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The standard solve for the mix door failure is to remove the heater box and replace the plastic door. If the indict with other fixes start out with “remove the heater box”, be prepared for significant work. Remove of the box calls for removing the dash panel, evacuating and disconnecting the AC compressor, draining and also disconnecting the heater hoses. Fixing the door is relatively easy, however the labor(and cost) of getting to the door renders this a time consuming and also expensive job. The civicpride-kusatsu.netTM avoids the hard work by providing a kit that permits the repair to it is in done v superior contents without having actually to disassemble the automobile. 1hr work-related vs 8-14 hrs of work, and also no specialized mechanical skills required.

The Problem:

- The Cherokee is constructed with a blend Door to control the heater and AC function. The blend door controls air flow through one of two people the AC evaporator or the heater coil, or any combination in between. The doors are regulated by a stepper motor. The issue with the device is that the drive motor has a more comprehensive range of motion than the activity of the door will certainly allow. In ~ the extents the movement(full warm or complete AC), the motor overdrives the plastic mix door into the the interior stop allude in the heater box till the motor stalls. This is significant force ~ above the door and over time, the door cannot resist the force and will break. When the door breaks, friend lose regulate over the capacity to regulate in between heat and also AC.

- The standard manufacturing facility fix is to change the plastic door. The procedure entails removed the heater box which requires - removing steering wheel and also steering column, removing radio and all dash panel regulate modules, unbolting every attachment points because that the dash panel, evacuating and disconnecting the AC compressor, draining and disconnecting the radiator, remove engine next bolts that hold the heater crate in place. As soon as the box is removed, the deal with is relatively simple, yet you still have actually cheap plastic doors and also the trouble will happen again. It is not a particularly difficult fix because that an skilled technician, yet it is one 8-12hr task plus refrigerant and anti-freeze and the costs of labor and also supplies to add up quickly into the $800-$1200 range.

Do you have actually the problem?

The usual symptom is an inability to effectively manage the temperature of the HVAC system. The door hangs ~ above a vertical axis, so transforming a spicy corner, or fiddling through the pan speed have the right to swing the door right into the hot or cold position randomly. While the symptom are fairly conclusive for blend door failure, the only way to really check it the end is to remove the blend door actuator motor and also look in ~ the axle.

The mix door actuator engine is situated in the upper left hand edge of the passenger next foot well. The snapshot below display the ar of the motor. The engine is enclosed with three 5/16"(or 8mm) screws that can be conveniently accessed and removed. Once you have actually detached the motor, you deserve to turn the HVAC system on and also observe the activity of the engine by transforming the temp manage knob. You desire to make certain that the motor is relocating properly. (if the engine is broken, we can assist with a replacement).

The engine attaches to the mix door making use of two different connector schemes depending upon the version year as presented in the 2nd picture. You deserve to grasp the axle with your fingers and also feel the extents of motion of the door by turning the knob. Girlfriend should be able to manually regulate between heat and also AC by transforming the axle. The door have to hit a hard stop allude when you revolve it to warmth or AC and also not have any kind of play past that point. If the axle is damaged or feeling disconnected indigenous the door, this is a critical indication the a broken blend door. It"s hard to define exactly what it feels like, yet you should have the ability to switch native AC to heat and feel a solid prevent at the max AC and heat positions. If the mechanism is loosened or ineffective, the blend door is the problem and also the is the solution.

The Solution:

This kit replace instead instead the plastic door and also axle through stainless steel materials that can withstand the force and will last longer than the Cherokee. All job-related is done from the passenger side foot well, and also no disassembly of the dash or evacuation of the AC mechanism is required. Tools forced are a screw driver, pair that pliers, and also a Dremel tool(if girlfriend don"t currently have one, this is a an excellent excuse and the device has many uses. The area under the dash is confined and you will require either a stubby Dremel tool(~6” long), or a flexible extension for a larger commercial rotary tool. Mine favorite tool for the occupational is a harbor Freight mini benchtop grinder v a flexible rotary cutter attachment. #43533. This setup has actually vaiable speed for the Dremel bits and is a an excellent little bench grinder because that fine metal and polishing work. ). Dremel bits, and all hardware is provided.

The repair will take about an hour the an initial time, and also once you have actually experience, about 45min. No extensive mechanical skills are required. The snapshot shows the steel replacement kit. The plastic door is accessed by utilizing the Dremel tool and also bit to cut into the plastic heater real estate from the bottom. Finish diagrams for the cut pattern room provided. It"s a very straightforward process. The broken plastic door is removed and replaced with the civicpride-kusatsu.netTM. The instructions space written v multiple pictures and twin level instructions. You deserve to read the bolder print just for skilled mechanics or read the bold and standard for complete "instructions because that Dummies".

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The indict are practically insultingly simplistic for those who care to read the entire document without admitting that they did it. The solve is really easy and also MUCH preferable come disassembly that the entire dash and also engine cooling systems. We administer support via email or phone if required. Our score is to make sure that every installation is successful. To date we have accomplished that goal and also have no intention of letting up. This will deal with the problems with the mix door and is over-engineered come outlast the Wrangler.