Anyone have any tips on how to get to 3 of the 4 oxygen sensors situated on the top part of the exhaust pipe just before and also after the catalytic converter? One was basic to acquire at yet the various other three it seems ~ impossible. The plug connectors are on height of the drive shaft and also jsut can not be reached. It nearly looks prefer there is a removable panel in the passenger compartment floor panel but I cannot tell because that sure.I would certainly really evaluate anyone who has actually experience through this and also sharing any tips you may have.Thanks....Dan

To replace the o2 sensors (there space 2 per side)Remove the facility console, roll carpet earlier from dash, on transmission hump is a removable panel. Under it is the connectors. The console deserve to be eliminated in about 5 minutes. 1/2 hour for first time.Here"s some pics:

Thanks because that the great tips and photos. I will attempt to eliminate them this evening and will let friend know exactly how it goes. I tried calling the local Ford dealer and also the service manager had actually no tips. He most likely wanted me to lug it in, typical!
Of food he want you to come in. I would recommend spraying under the sensor bungs with PB Blaster or WD40 and also let that soak because that awhile. I"m sure the sensors are an extremely snugged in place.

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Team,The pictures in the URL over are not for a 1998 Ford Explorer. I have actually a 1998 Ford traveler XLT 5.0 4 door 2WD. I would certainly be many appreciative if I could get photos of my automobile how to eliminate the center console because that the 1998 Ford explorer I simply described. A video would be also better.Thanks In Advance
Search on girlfriend Tube, you should discover something there. Space you an altering all of them? generally it"s the sensors in front of the converters walk bad.
Yes Sir i am transforming all that them. Ns already adjusted the basic ones. I have actually searched youtube and found nothing about my 1998 Ford Explorer. I just need to know how to get the center Console the end of my automobile without messing it up so ns can adjust the 2 over the infection that have to be accessed indigenous the access panel under the center Console. The sensor"s have never been adjusted so i am hitting them every for precautionary maintenance while i am at it.
Go to any type of library and copy page or 2 turn off manual, if you perform not have $14 or so come buy one. Or, go to Autozone digital repair manuals.

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im sorry yet on no ford does the go the facility console need to be gotten rid of to change an 02 senor. All deserve to be replaced from underneath.®, founded in 1995, is the top independent home advancement and fix website. Us welcome your comments and also suggestions. All details is detailed "AS IS." Website operating problems contact webmaster