i adjusted the part on the transmission, take it the dash off checked the speedometer, watch ok however speedometer still not working,

1994 Toyota pic-up

oscar figueroa, provide us much more information if you require help. What vehicle? What engine size, what transmission? what have actually you tried so far? The more information friend can offer us the far better of response you deserve to expect. A one sentence concern will get you most most likely no answer at all.

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I have actually same problem and i m certain the problem is the swarm speedometer. Do any kind of one recognize what is the common fault or from whereby i could buy one



If procedure is not as specified, change the sensor.

If that should check out, you know it is not the sensor. Then go ahead and also check the connector to her instrument cluster


or the harness, friend can check the instrument cluster using the wiring diagram.

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If every those points inspect out okay, I certainly would fix or replace the instrument cluster. Hope this helps, good luck

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I have actually the same issue, speedo and trip metre not working however everything else functions fine. I have tried 2 second hand clusters and also the error still there. I have just tried an additional speed sensor in the box and also from a cold begin with initial cluster in the speedo and also trip metre functioned for 2.5 km and then quit again. Any type of idea’s ?

Change out the resonator (blue piece behind the speedo). You"ll need to bend it earlier and soon to rest it loose. Soldier the brand-new one in that is place. Expedition meter will begin working. I had actually to perform the same with mine. Speedometer is still under in mine. After trial and error the signal calculation (11v). Ns myself is looking at the swarm also.

June 20 by Ronnie Lasyone

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