hi honda94,When the D4 desk lamp flashes, an error has been recognize in the transmission regulate system and you have to retrieve the Diagnostic Trouble password to uncover out what is wrong.


From the diagram, bridge the connector and turn the ignition move to ON and also count the flashing of the D4 light because that the DTC. Delayed flashes = 10 and quick flashes = 1.

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My journey 4 light keeps blinking and also when it shifts from first to 2nd it jerks real hard and also then it no have any kind of power. You deserve to put the gas to the floor it just sits there and also slowly rises. I have tried everything. Deserve to you aid me please?

My irradiate flashed on and also off because that over a year, I had a track up, fuel pump, relay switch, distributor, and also many much more things fixed. I carried my automobile to 2 Honda dealerships and also no one knew what that meant. My automobile would operation fine then die once the D4 light would certainly flash. I was told that my automobile was no worth fixing, the D4 light meant the trans was blown, after ns contacted Corp. Honda, asking why no one might diagnose mine car. It has actually 140,000 miles on it, and I to be the original owner, well maintained car. Ns just had actually to pay dealership 100.00 to relax my car which they to speak is worthless, a black color hole that I deserve to keep placing money into and it will never ever be fixed. They offered me 500.00 because that a trade-in. Execute I watch a class action suit here?

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go into your question.I have a 1993 honda accord 10th anniversery addition. Due to the fact that I bought it back in September the D4 irradiate on my dash continually blinks. It confused me at first so ns drove it roughly in D4 reasoning it was drive. Small did I recognize it is over drive ns think. I am still no for sure. Currently I journey it in D3. Therefore hear about 2 months back it started having a problem. I would go to take off from any kind of where, and also it would certainly hesitate and also just barely go. Therefore everytime i go come a complete stop I have to put that in second gear and change it come D3. It is the only method it will certainly take off right. This it s okay pretty irritating at times. Im likewise sure that is not great for mine car. This morning I obtained up and went come leave and also my "brake lamp" light was on for this reason I checked all mine brake lights they to be fine. None ours out. So I gained down the road, and also the vehicle started exhilaration a tiny strange prefer my brakes were exhilaration bad. So ns turned around and came home. After I obtained home I gained on the internet lookin up "brake lamp" irradiate issues. I uncovered out the it can likewise be concerned my transmission. Therefore I started looking about the "d4" light and also I didn't uncover to much around it. I uncovered something that said to counting the flashes something around a code. That didnt give me direction on how to perform it or what to carry out after I check out the code. I was wondering if anyone could assist me probably its a selinoid or a senser please help I dont understand what the heck to think?