There's no fuse because that it the PGM FI key relay powers it as soon as the key is turn on right here is a overview to help you test the relay and also diagrams below to display you the location. the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything else to obtain the difficulty fixed.

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In fuse dashboard under dashboard behind left kick panel. Fuse #2 - 15Amp fuse controls PGM-FI key Relay & Fuel Pump.Thanks for making use of Com!

quick question no start replaced a the majority of parts when probing yellow cable to fuel pump assembly. Supposed to supply 12v come pump I have actually res come grd Is there an alleged to it is in resistance come ground there.

Relay is great checked number of times pump does not prime yet provides pressure as soon as cranking ecm comes on energizes relay after part time tinkering I made decision to look for a grounded fuel pump. Within grounded as I have had an concern like this v a various vehicle. Gotten rid of 3 pen connector at fuel pump. Probed the yellow cable which supplies twelve volts come the fuel pump this test was done through harness d/c in ~ the fuel pump in between yellow wire and ground I have approx 50-150 ohms.
auto wont begin I have tested injectors, relay, dist, lid rotor wires ecm pulses injector wires I have actually 12v hot to injector wires. Tested all fuses. Reset ecm. Blinking s light and no begin
1991 Honda Accord 4 cyl automatic I have a "91 Honda Accord that quit working while driving under the road. I have actually replaced the battery, alternator, spark plugs and wires, distributor car and also rotor button, and the ignition coil. The car will cranks and also turns over easy, however will no fire. We perform not listen the fuel pump turn on so wanted to inspect the relay the the fuel pump. Where is the fuel pump relay situated on a "91 Honda Accord? and also is the fuel pump in the gas tank?
I have spark and fuel come rail however only once cranking. Sorry for so plenty of replies but adding all the I have done changed ecm was in water changed dist. Replaced key relay because I foolishly thought with blinking s light it was negative codes 7 and also 8 native tcm both change solenoid codes
Dunno the full resistances of the fuel pump engine windings-as you"ve check it and its 50-150 ohmsDo this power the fuel pump straight from the battery and also see what happens
Ok just a hick update sorry took so long to get back here.I pulled injectors have great spray all 4 plugs firing. Firing bespeak correct. Manually cranked engine by hand come ensure distributor seated properly it is.S light quit blinking. Quiet no begin checked ect. Tps. Iat. Seems favor my map sensor isn"t reflecting correct return voltage for 0 in/hg just have.19v return which shows up to it is in what it have to read at full vacuum.I don"t have actually a vacuum pump so ns can"t test various other voltage readings.I think i am walking lil crazy below thanks for your time PS bout 150 psi every cylinder compression i really am shedding it this is the second new distributor I put in due to the fact that the an initial one I gained had a bad reluctor.I to be sad
This accord has actually a habit the not starting when the fuel level walk below half a tank. Over that no problem, however as shortly as it gets listed below that mark it will die or if you revolve it off it won"t begin again. Adjusted fuel pump, cleaned tank, replaced fuel filter, changed pump relay. Any help would it is in appreciated. Not lot hair left on mine head indigenous this one. Thanks. Tigerguy05
If the fuel sending out unit has been adjusted and the is new, the nest suspect will be the coil behind the gauge or the wiring native the fuel tank to it.
ns should have actually mentioned that ns did traction the valve cover all the mechanical reasons for the to not run space sound the rebuild was done by terrific machine shop here but I did visually verify the valve time
Is the fuel pump comes on and also has the exactly fuel pressure? I need the fuel pressure prior to I can continue to assist you-

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Ok an initial of every I just want to say thank you.I have been so frustrated through this auto I have around 15 years endure as an ase tech and also have never had actually this issue before. Course I never was very an excellent at electric so here"s a breakdown of some updates. The s light no longer blinks the fuel pump right now primes appropriately I have actually 43psi throughout prime and also while cranking. It seems I have worked out alot that the electrical issues removes and also unstuck egr pintle sensor and also map sensor which was sending out a complete vacuum signal to the ecm. Now has the suitable 3 volts. Here"s the kicker the vehicle ran albeit not an excellent before I replaced the distributor.I have actually a sneaking suspicion the distributor is bad this was the second one I got from napa the very first had a bad reluctor ns pulled the injectors come verify nice conical spray.I have spark. Mechanically the timing is on the really wants to start however just won"t