High 1935 nickel value particularly for the Denver nickel mirrors the popular of this old coins. Buffalo nickels are in demand.


The last years of the Buffalo nickel series does have its re-publishing of scarce issues, and mint significant nickels room the ones top in value. Manufacturing at the Denver and also San Francisco mints was typically far lower than the Philadelphia mint.

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Branch mint coins, identified by a "D" or "S" are extremely valued by collectors, often worth double the Philadelphia nickel in higher grades. Many buffalo nickels, with a readable date and also either a "D" or "S" mintmark are in demand.

1935 nickel value is detailed according come the three various mints in 4 grading categories.

More about grading your coins below.

The "D" or "S" in the listing shows the mint that produced the coin. D - Denver Mint, S - mountain Francisco Mint, no mintmark because that the Philadelphia Mint. Situate the mintmark top top the reverse under the Buffalo.


Along through mintmarks and dates, the condition of her old nickel have to be considered. Is the coin worn and only part of the date shows, or is it well defined and also sharp in appearance? The distinction in how much your Buffalo nickel is precious is regularly surprising. A 1935-D arrays in worth from $0.67 to end $49 depending on condition.

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Judging the condition of your 1935 nickel is an essential to finding an accurate value.

1935 Nickel ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1935 Nickel worth Updated2021
1935$0.51 $1.03 $2 $18
1935 D$0.68 $2 $15 $38
1935 S$0.51 $1 $3 $32

One step to a valuable Buffalo Nickel

Your box of old coins might contain numerous worth $.50 cent to $1 each, but your crate is just one step away indigenous holding a rare coin. The combined value of every those coins as soon as sold might easily surpass $65, i beg your pardon is the retail price of one "uncirculated" and scarce 1935 Buffalo nickel.

Upgrade her holdings, done all the moment by collectors, market the lesser high quality pieces and also use the proceeds come buy a rare coin.

The 1935 Buffalo is one date that reflects up often in a team of old nickels. When discovered in worn condition the 1935 nickel together with most days of the 1930"s is a usual date. What is no often uncovered are Buffalo nickels in "uncirculated" condition.

Saving a couple of of your initial old coins since of sentimental reasons and also historical stories they organize is a an excellent idea. Selling some coins and also replacing them v a rare coin... Adds to the background of your box of old coins.

Buffalo Nickel worth is Conditional

Of the plenty of variables thought about as you worth your old nickel, specific "grading" that its condition is among the much more challenging. Compare your coins come the images, and with a little study, that is possible to identify those in the valuable, higher grades.