Checking and transforming spark plugs is an important step in routine tiny engine maintenance and also when troubleshooting troubles with her lawn mower, eye blower or various other outdoor power equipment. Follow this 3-step overview for resources to go you with the procedure or run to the section.

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Finding the Spark Plug on your Engine usage the Spark Plug gap Chart to uncover the best Replacement & setup How To gap Spark Plugs

Before doing any tiny engine repair or maintenance, be certain to inspect your manual for recommendations on details parts numbers and also safety precautions.

Follow this step-by-step image guide to find spark plugs in different Briggs & Stratton engine types. A spark plug wrench can assist avoid engine damages when removing these components for clean or replacement.


Also well-known as together head or side Valve Engines, these engines are typically used for walk behind lawn mowers and also pressure washers.



Now that you’ve uncovered the component you’d choose to replace, you have the right to use the chart below to recognize the real Briggs & Strattonreplacement spark plugand void recommendation.

CAUTION!Be sure to usage the right spark plug! return several different spark plugs might screw into the engine, making use of the untrue one will an outcome in performance problems and feasible internal engine damage.

Also well-known as l head or next Valve Engines, this engines are typically used because that walk behind lawn mowers and also pressure washers.

If you have actually a Quantum engine, be sure to inspect the password Date prior to doing any kind of engine maintenance. >> find your little engine design number, password date and also more.

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Learn just how to properly and also safely use, troubleshoot, and maintain her lawn mower, tractor, eye blower, and also other lawn and also garden equipment.

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Learn about the latest products by Briggs & Stratton, step-by-step indict on exactly how to situate your lawn mower engine design number, and more!