Buying a propane tank start around $5, v a high of $3,500 and an typical around $800 come $1,000.

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20 lbs.


100 Gallons


500 Gallons


1,000 Gallons


When you to compare propane tank prices, size renders the biggest difference. Suppliers measure capacity in pounds or gallons.

One gallon that propane weighs a little over 4 lbs. This method that a manufacturer or reseller can label a 420-lb tank as a 100-gallon unit. Confirm that you have actually the best measurement before you buy. A conversion error might result in the acquisition of a much larger or smaller design than what friend need.

There is part inconsistency in the method that manufacturers advertisement tank sizes. Because that example, a 5-gallon unit might operation as a 15-lb or 20-lb model, through the very same brand and price. Companies may list a 420-lb size as 100 or 120 gallons. If you are unsure that the size, ask a expert for help.


Cost of small Tanks for Grills

The ideal tank capacity for you relies on your use. One-gallon propane bottles are appropriate for human being who desire to perform a little cooking if camping. Homeowners may prefer propane cylinders in between 5 come 50 gallons to operation an out grill or administer fuel for a back-up generator.

Smaller models are usually stationary, v the alternative to require to a filling station or exchange because that a refilled one. The lesser the unit, the much more often you may need to to fill it. Make certain you feel comfortable safely disconnecting and reconnecting the tank.

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Small tanks you require for minimal purposes variety from $5 come $700. Castle usually perform not carry added installation costs due to the fact that most homeowners can hook them up without lot effort.

Price of large Propane Tanks

The expense to buy a tank the 100 to 120 gallons starts at about $400, increasing to $3,500 because that 1,000 gallons. Most bigger models may require a permanent installation. Bigger systems are suitable for many uses:

250 gallons to run a couple of home appliances500 gallons for most or all solution in the home1,000 gallons for larger homes or heavy intake


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