Emily Zoladz | The grand Rapids PressThe half gallon ice cream cream box has shrunk native 2 quarts to 1.75 quarts for Meijer, Spartan, country Fresh and also Hudsonville ice cream and to 1.5 quarts for Breyer"s.

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GRAND RAPIDS -- together we celebrate national Ice Cream month, it's time come mourn the ns of half-gallon containers of ice cream cream.

This summer point out the second year that regional favorite Hudsonville Creamery & ice Cream Co. Has yielded its spices in 56-ounce containers. It's same to 1.75 quarts -- 12 1/2 percent much less than the 64-ounce half-gallon container.

But Hudsonville tubs still are bigger 보다 its nationwide competitors, including eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin-based Breyers, which has actually the greatest slice the the U.S. Market. The brand's containers have actually shrunk come 48 ounces, or 1 1/2 quarts, in current years.

Ice cream providers shrank your containers together the expense of life ingredients and also transportation rose. A smaller sized container readily available an alternate to elevating prices.

"Consumers notice price increases; they don't together readily notification product dimension decreases," said consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky, who has actually written around the object on his blog, mouseprint.org, i m sorry exposes the strings and catches in advertising fine print.

"People end up buying ice cream an ext often," stated Dworsky. "It go really end up being a price increase because they make much more purchases."

"Purchasing habits hasn't changed," said Bruce Kratt, Hudsonville's sales and also marketing director. "Consumers either didn't treatment or didn't notice."

That's one of the factors the Holland-based ice cream cream firm gave right into the industry's shrinking trend, which started in 2006.

Its competitors were reinvesting their savings -- from selling much less ice cream -- right into promotion and also marketing.

Hudsonville introduced its new packaging in beforehand 2009, a "sqround" container through a separate lid that removed the "messy knuckles" native the ice-cream-coated flap the the classic brick-shaped container.

Consumers preferred the packaging. Kratt says Hudsonville didn't receive any "significant backlash" due to the fact that "I think people saw it together a much bigger container 보다 what is the end there."

Tammi Shymanski is accustomed to the smaller containers, however she does find herself buying ice cream cream more often.

"We just need to keep replenishing," stated the Ada resident, who was grocery shopping with her guys Thad, 11, and also Trent, 9, at the Knapp's edge Meijer top top Wednesday.

Country fresh -- which has actually an office in grand Rapids and is gave by Michigan dairies for its local industry -- also sells its ice cream in 56-ounce containers. A spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

But Kratt doesn't think the extra 8 ounces has actually necessarily assisted Hudsonville take it a bigger bite of the ice cream market. He credits the to the introduction of more flavors and added marketing.

"I think the best thing that has actually helped united state is it's do in Michigan and tastes great. Human being want to support local products," Kratt said.

The ice cream-maker buys the raw material from neighborhood dairies and also cherries native Traverse City area farmers.

If the ice cream cream container is downsized below its 48 ounces, Dworsky predicts someone will reintroduce the half-gallon.

"By the point, it will certainly be double what you paid because that it originally," Dworsky said. "This is what to be done through potato chips and also candy bars."

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